A Treasured Petal – About Us!

Hi and welcome to A Treasured Petal!  We are moms and memory keepers.

A bead made from a red rose from Valentine's Day 2015.
A bead made from a red rose from Valentine’s Day 2015.

Do you have flowers tucked away from many of the vital moments in your life?  Your wedding day…your first born baby…the first Valentine’s Day with the love of your life…a funeral…or a clutch of flowers that your sweet toddler handed to you.  These flowers can be encapsulated in a bead that can be worn and remembered.

Our beads are made from the flowers you send us.  Don’t leave them stashed away!

yellow rose bead
yellow rose bead

From a rose you received last week, to a bloom that’s been saved for years, we can make a bead.

Bead pendants are individually handcrafted. Each flower petal is different, and each bead will be unique!  We finish each bead with gold or silver findings, and genuine Swarovski crystals.  They are water resistant, and with proper care, will last for generations.

Lavender rose bead
Lavender rose bead

Contact us for more information!


5 thoughts on “A Treasured Petal – About Us!

  1. We have flowers we would like to have beads made from. Can we make an appointment to bring them to you? We are just over in Blowing Rock


    1. Hi Leah! I replied to your email last week but it may have gone to your junk inbox. I would be so happy to make some jewelry for you! I will be in Boone tomorrow 2/20 and also on Thursday 2/23. Would either of those days work to meet you? You can text or call me directly at 828-598-3395. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you! ~ Erika


      1. Thanks so much. I will be out of town next week at a conference but would love to meet you sometime. Would you be able to bring photos of your work so we can choose what we want, or that the way it works?


      2. Sure! We can meet next week. I can bring actual samples and we can look at my Facebook page, too, which is way more active than our blog. You can see many samples at facebook.com/atreasuredpetal. Just let me know some times that would suit you! Thanks! ~Erika


  2. I know it’s last minute but would today be a good time to bring some petals over? Mom and I are going to be out and about. If not, it’s fine, s-he can meet you in Boone next time you are this way. Would you mind to text me at 828-266-3056.
    Thanks so much Leah Cole


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